Award Details

Barry Goldwater scholarships are awarded to outstanding undergraduate sophomores or juniors who are studying mathematics, natural sciences, or engineering and who intend to pursue a research career.  The award provides up to $7,500 per year for a maximum of two years to pay for undergraduate tuition, fees, books, and housing expenses.  


Please contact LeAnn Adam to discuss your interest in the Barry Goldwater scholarship.  OSU institutional nomination and endorsement is required. 


September: Online application opens

October-November: Prepare application, consult with references

December: Campus deadline (next deadline: December 19, 2016) 

January: References due (January 9, 2017); OSU selects four nominees 

February: Goldwater national deadline

March: Scholars and Honorable Mentions announced 

OSU Contact

LeAnn Adam
OSU Advisor for Prestigious Scholarships   


Year Last Name First Name Field of Study

Goldwater Scholar/Honorable Mention

2016 Josephson Brian Biochemistry and Biophysics Honorable Mention
2016 Kahler-Quesada Arianna Biochemistry and Biophysics Honorable Mention
2016 Moss Alden Bioengineering Honorable Mention
2015 Raper Miranda Bioengineering Honorable Mention
2014 Cade Emily Biochemistry and Biophysics Honorable Mention
2014 Van Why Johnathan Mathematics Honorable Mention
2013 Zhang Justin Biochemistry & Biophysics Goldwater Scholar
2013 Pitts Thomas Mathematics Goldwater Scholar
2013 Hobbs Helen Biochemistry & Biophysics Goldwater Scholar 
2013 Rekow James Biochemistry & Biophysics Honorable Mention
2012 Swanson Annika Biochemistry & Biophysics Goldwater Scholar 
2012 Marquez Loza Alejandra Bioresource Research Goldwater Scholar 
2012 Livesay Brynn Chemical Engineering Honorable Mention
2011 Patel Ishan Bioengineering Goldwater Scholar 
2010 Crimp Caitlin Biochemistry & Biophysics Goldwater Scholar 
2009 Dunfield Elizabeth Biochemistry & Biophysics Goldwater Scholar 
2009 Deatherage Charity Botany Honorable Mention
2009 Lowery Nick Bioengineering/Biochemistry Honorable Mention
2009 Wilson Jenna Bioengineering Honorable Mention
2007 Strycker Noah Fisheries Resources Goldwater Scholar 
2007 Bateman Katherine Microbiology Goldwater Scholar 
2007 Rianprakaisang Tony Biochemistry & Biophysics Honorable Mention
2006 Tan Taralyn Biochemistry & Biophysics Goldwater Scholar 
2006 Reike Erin Bioengineering Goldwater Scholar 
2006 Fallahi Anahita Biochemistry & Biophysics Goldwater Scholar 
2005 O'Donnell, III Edmond Biochemistry & Biophysics Goldwater Scholar