Taylor Sarman
Truman National Finalist


We have a very important recognition to bestow this year! Taylor Sarman is a junior from Union, OR earning a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and he is the first ever OSU student to reach the final round of competition for the Harry S. Truman scholarship.  Taylor has a truly exemplary record of public and community service having served as ASOSU President, governor appointed student representative to the OSU Board of Trustees, and on OSU boards and committees, among other notable campus involvement. Following his graduation, Taylor plans to attend Law school and earn a master’s degree in Public Policy.  An Oregonian through and through, Taylor hopes to continue to serve the public through advancing economic development in rural parts of the state.


Katharina-Victoria Perez-Hammerle
Fulbright Student Scholar 






Kat Perez-Hammerle, is a 2014 graduate with a combined B.A./B.S in Fisheries and Wildlife, International Studies and, Political Science. Kat will travel to Chile to analyze the endangered Andean deer (huemul) distribution by mapping out known location relative to various threats, habitat suitability, and corridors to provide a better understanding of the deer’s ecology and a foundation for a focused strategy to improve protection. Kat will produce maps that can drive scientific exploration of the huemul while serving as a baseline to monitor the species. 



Chris Foertsch
Fulbright Student Scholar 


Chris Foertsch, Master’s student in Applied Anthropology, will conduct ethnographic research on the experience of students from Eastern Indonesia who attend universities on the main Indonesian island of Java. Collecting data through interviews and observations in the city of Malang, Java and on other islands, Chris will explore key questions about challenges these students face as minorities among the dominant culture and how this influences their national identity.


Kevin Bishop
Fulbright-Scotland Summer Institute Recipient

UK - Scotland


Kevin Bishop is a second year student in Honors Electrical & Computer Engineering from Portland, Oregon. Kevin is OSU’s first ever recipient of the prestigious and highly competitive UK Fulbright Summer Institute award.  Kevin will attend the five week institute in Scotland this summer where he will study and participate in cultural activities at the University of Dundee and the University of Strathclyde. Kevin is active in the Honors College, and serves on the student leadership team for the OSU Lutheran Campus Ministry.






Raven Waldron
Udall Scholarship Recipient

Tribal Health 

Raven Waldron is a third year from Christmas Valley, OR earning an Honors degree in BioResource Research, with an option in Toxicology and minors in social justice and chemistry.  Raven was awarded the National Udall Scholarship in the category of Tribal Health in support of her toxicology research, involvement in Native American activities on campus, and promotion of diversity in STEM fields. Following graduation, Raven plans to attend Pharmacy school to earn a PharmD/PhD and hopes to eventually work on the Navajo reservation to be involved in risk assessment of environmental contaminants and to communicate ways to minimize these risks to native communities.



Arianna Kahler Quesada 
Goldwater Honorable Mention 

Arianna Kahler-Quesada is a junior from Gresham, OR majoring in Honors Biochemistry and Biophysics. Arianna has shown outstanding leadership and involvement in the Louis Stokes Alliance for minority participation, and she has been a part of the Skeletal Biology Laboratory doing research for the past 3 years. She is also a very active member of the OSU ballroom dance team. In the future, Arianna aspires to a career in the field of medicine, and plans to apply to medical school after spending a year after graduation learning about medical research.



Alden Moss
Goldwater Honorable Mention

Alden Moss is a junior from Portland studying Honors Bioengineering with minors in Chemistry and Spanish. Alden has gained experience in undergraduate research as a Johnson Intern at OSU for the past two summers and he reports that this has greatly shaped his future career path by demonstrating to that he enjoys research and opening his eyes to many interesting areas of biomedical engineering research. Tissue engineering, biomaterials, and microfluidics are his current specific areas of interest. After completing his undergraduate degree at OSU, he plans to pursue a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering at a top graduate program.



Brian Josephson 
Goldwater Honorable Mention

Brian Josephson is a junior at OSU from Tigard, Oregon. He is an Honors Biochemistry and Biophysics major with a Chemistry minor. His future plans are to obtain a PhD in graduate school in a field related to Biochemistry and eventual run his own research lab investigating the inner workings of human pathogens. While at OSU, Brian has found great opportunities through studying abroad in Australia, participating in Greek Life, and working with the Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society.


Lauren Watwood 
Gilman Recipient 


Lauren Watwood is a senior from Bend, OR earning a Bachelor of Arts in a self-designed major in Medical Humanities. Lauren was awarded a Gilman scholarship in support of her study abroad experience in national identity and the arts in Dakar, Senegal in fall 2015. During her term abroad, Lauren conducted research in Bandia Wildlife Reserve where she investigated the role tourism plays in politics and conservation. Following graduation, Lauren will begin the application process for a Fulbright Award to pursue her interest in Ayurveda in rural Nepal.



Kjerstine Crowder 
Gilman Recipient 


Karianna Crowder is a senior from Santa Cruz, CA earning an Honors Bachelor of Science in Zoology.  Karianna was awarded a Gilman scholarship in support of her international internship with the Highland Farm Gibbon Sanctuary in Thailand in fall 2015 where she conducted research on the common gestures of the white-cheeked gibbons for her honors thesis and helped care for “66 gibbons, 20 monkeys, two jackals, one bear, and a variety of smaller animals.” She plans to attend veterinary school.


Mara Rutherford 
Gilman Recipient 


Mara Rutherford is a senior from Bandon, OR majoring in Public Health with an option in Health Promotion and Health Behavior and a minor in Anthropology. Mara is currently in Ghana with the support of a Gilman scholarship studying social determinants of health in Accra and Cape Coast.  Following her graduation, Mara plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Global Health.


Marwah Al-Jilani
Gilman Recipient 


Marwah Al-Jilani is a junior from Portland majoring in Political Science and International Studies with an option in International Affairs and a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.  Marwah is currently abroad in Rabat, Morocco with the support of a Gilman scholarship studying Multiculturalism, Human Rights and Arabic.  Topics of study include authoritarian rule, democratic transition, economic liberalization, Islamic movements and constitutional reforms following the 2011 Arab Spring. Marwah aspires to a career in foreign service. 



Natalie Leon
Gilman Recipient 


Natalie Leon is a senior from Tualatin majoring in microbiology with minors in Chemistry and Spanish. Natalie was awarded a Gilman scholarship in support of her Pediatric Health internship abroad in La Paz and Tarija, Bolivia in winter 2016.  Following graduation, Natalie plans to go to medical school and become a pediatrician. 



Adurey Ali
Gilman Recipient 


Audrey Ali is a junior from Bend, OR double majoring in International Studies and Political Science with an option in International Affairs and minors in French and History. Audrey is currently abroad in Rabat, Morocco with a Gilman scholarship studying Multiculturalism, Human Rights and Arabic.  This summer Audrey plans to continue her Arabic studies independently here in Corvallis. 


Xavier Gonzalez 
Gilman Recipient 


Xavier Gonzalez is a senior from Woodburn, OR majoring in Biology. Xavier was awarded a Gilman scholarship in support of his participation in an internship abroad at a prestigious hospital in Madrid, Spain where he conducted genetic laboratory research. Following his graduation this spring he will be interning at OHSU this summer. 


Kole Nakamura 
Gilman Recipient 


Kole Nakamura is a junior from Ontario, OR majoring is Kinesiology. Kole was the recipient of a Gilman scholarship in support of his study abroad program at prestigious Waseda University in Japan in fall 2015 where he studied Japanese language and culture. He is participating in the IMPACT program this term where he is engaged in physical activities with children and young adults with special needs.


Dang Duong
Gilman Recipient 


Dang Duong is a sophomore from Clackamas majoring in Pre-Med Microbiology with a certificate in Medical Humanities, and a minor in Chemistry. Dang was awarded a Gilman scholarship in support of his internship to the Center for Social Medicine at the Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences in Loni, India this summer. There he will assist general doctors at rural health centers, assist in planning, executing, monitoring, and evaluating public and social health in rural and tribal areas, and observe clinical diagnostic procedures including radio-diagnosis and HIV testing. Following graduation Dang aspires to partake in medical research abroad with a Fulbright scholarship and further his medical education at Oregon Health & Science University.


Miranda Gleason 
Gilman Recipient 


Miranda Gleason is a junior from McMinnville, OR working toward a Bachelor of Science in Zoology.  Miranda was awarded a Gilman scholarship in support of her academic year study abroad program in Poitiers, France where she studied French Language and culture.


Logan Adams 
Gilman Recipient 


Logan Adams is a sophomore from Salem, Oregon earning an Honors Bachelor of Science in Ecological Engineering and an Honors Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. Logan was awarded a Gilman scholarship in support of his internship with Long Way Home in San Juan Comalapa, Guatemala for the summer of 2016, where he will join their efforts towards using sustainable design and appropriate materials to construct self-sufficient schools that promote education, employment, and environmental stewardship. After college he hopes to work in international service-learning and international development, bridging the gap between scientific and social issues to create a more holistic model of development and growth that promotes equity and innovation. 


Rebeccah Davis
Gilman Recipient 


Rebeccah Davis, a recent graduate from a small town of 1,200 people in Northern California, recently concluded her studies with degrees in Human Development and Family Sciences and Spanish.  Rebeccah received the support of a Gilman scholarship for her internship abroad in the Sexual Health as a Human Right program in Quito, Ecuador. During her four months abroad, she rotated between an LGBTQ non-profit and observing in a women’s health clinic. Rebeccah is currently working at a Corvallis non-profit supporting survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. 


Ashley Nelsen
Gilman Recipient 

Costa Rica

Ashley Nelsen is a senior from Dufur, OR earning a bachelor of science in Zoology. She participates in the Integrative Biology Club as a Seminar Coordinator and as a mentor for Freshman Zoology students. Ashley has been awarded a Gilman scholarship in support of her program abroad this summer in Tropical Ecology and Conservation in Monteverde, Costa Rica. While in Costa Rica, Ashley will engage in rigorous coursework held at a biological research station within the cloud forest where she will compose an independent research project. Following her graduation in 2017, Ashley will pursue a career focusing on the conservation of endangered ecosystems.


Josey Sechrist 
Gilman Recipient 



Josey Sechrist is a senior originally from Vancouver, Washington and will be graduating with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and International Studies with a minor in Spanish and an option in Secondary Education. Josey was awarded a Gilman Scholarship for her participation in a study abroad program in Spain in summer 2015.  Following graduation, she will pursue a masters in teaching as preparation to become a middle or high school mathematics educator.  Josie hopes to one day pursue a Ph.D. in Mathematics education or Education policy.


Sarah Canales 
Gilman Recipient 


Sarah Canales is a senior majoring in Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry.  Sarah was awarded a Gilman scholarship for an internship abroad in Primary Care and Social Medicine in Cordoba, Argentina in fall 2015.  During her internship, Sarah participated in clinical rotations while gaining valuable perspective on the diversity of the medical field and experience working with patients from different cultural backgrounds.


Luis Meza 
Gilman Recipient 


Luis Meza, from Independence, OR graduated in December (2015) with a Bachelor of Science in Renewable Materials in the College of Forestry with a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship. Luis was awarded a Gilman scholarship in support of a summer Product Development internship with a technology firm located in Arnhem, Netherlands working to develop eco-friendly wood products that are currently being used in construction projects across the world.



Dillon Rhoades 
Gilman Recipient 


Dillon Rhoades is a junior from Newport, Oregon pursuing an honors bachelor of science in mathematics. Dillon was awarded a Gilman scholarship in support his study abroad program in Hungary this summer through the Budapest Semester in Mathematics Program. Dillon will be studying Hungarian language, taking up to three math courses and seeking a research assistant position in a summer research project. Following graduation, Dillon aspires to attend graduate school and earn a PhD in mathematics. His hope is to do research in both pure and applied mathematics, to teach, and to continue traveling to other countries.



Sheridan Jeffries 
Gilman Recipient 


Sheridan Jeffries is a junior from Bend studying for a bachelor of science in Biology at OSU Cascades. Sheridan was awarded a Gilman scholarship in support of her international internship with the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia during summer 2016, where she will take care of various animals, including goats and Anatolian Shepherds, work on various projects, and assist in educating visitors. Following graduation, Sheridan plans to attend Veterinary school.



Kathleen Roberts 
Gilman Recipient 


Kathleen Roberts is a senior from Edmond, Oklahoma earning a Bachelor's degree in Spanish Language, Culture, and Society with a focus in Sustainability. Kathleen was awarded a Gilman scholarship in support of her study abroad program with OSU in Ecuador in the summer of 2016 where she will continue her study of language and culture and plans to travel and speak with sustainability and ecotourism experts. Following graduation, Kathleen plans to focus on environmental conservation and the preservation and protection of culture throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South American countries. 



Brianna Santana 
Gilman Recipient 


Brianna Santana is a senior from Salem, and she will graduate in June with dual degrees in International Studies and Human Development and Family Sciences with options Human Services and Child Development as well as a minor in Spanish. Brianna was awarded a Gilman scholarship in support of her Child Family Health International (CFHI) Ecuador: Sexual Health as a Human Right internship in Quito, Ecuador for this summer term. She will be interning as a Human Rights Advocate and working with adolescents, families and the LGBTQ community. Ultimately, Brianna aspires to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, or a Counselor for either a residential program for youth in high risk situations or for women in recovery from substance abuse.