LeAnn Adam 

OSU Coordinator for Prestigious Scholarships

LeAnn is the first full-time Prestigious Scholarships coordinator at OSU starting in June 2015. She is passionate about supporting the aspirations of all candidates: undergraduate, graduate, and alumni, and providing highly personalized advising on nationally competitive scholarships.  When you meet with LeAnn, you will notice she asks a lot of questions: she likes advising appointments to be lively and interactive and she always hopes you’ll leave with things to think about that you’d never even considered. LeAnn is a graduate of the College Student Services Administration master’s program at OSU where she specialized in student development and success through engagement in nationally competitive scholarship applications. 

Before inaugurating the Prestigious Scholarships office at OSU, LeAnn was an education abroad and Fulbright Program advisor with OSU GO.  She has had a long career in International Education including positions in both the US and abroad. She was previously Coordinator of the Overseas Resource Center at Stanford University, Group Leader for educational travel programs in Cuba and Italy, and she earned her undergraduate degree and worked in International Programs at San Francisco State University. LeAnn intends to never stop learning or traveling. In her free time, she enjoys reading, drawing, writing, spontaneous day trips, and camping with her daughter and Boston Terrier.