Faculty and Staff mentors can have a significant impact on a student's fellowship application experience.

There are many ways you can help a student apply for a nationally competitive scholarship as an advisor or mentor, whether it's providing effective advice, writing letters or recommendation, or serving on an interview committee.

Use the resources on this page to assist you in finding ways to get involved, write effective recommendations, and find out about our past efforts.

Please contact National and Global Scholarships Director LeAnn Adam for more information.

Opportunities for Professional Development

Gain professional development by serving on an application review committee to help students improve their applications prior to scholarship deadlines. Committee members read applications and interview and recommend students on behalf of Oregon State University. National and Global Scholarships Advising have review committees available for Fulbright, Udall, and Goldwater.

It's a great opportunity to share your insights, expertise, and support of students. Commitment to this process is minimal and usually involves spending 2-3 hours per student in application review and support. Most committee members work with 1-3 students per year. If you're interested in serving on a committee, contact LeAnn Adam:

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Writing Recommendations for Applicants

Most national and global scholarship opportunities contain requirements for letters of recommendation on behalf of the applicant. OSU faculty and staff can be a strong ally to any student applying to a nationally competitive scholarship by writing strong recommendations. The most effective letters of recommendation depend on a personal relationship between the faculty or staff member and the student applicant; the more in depth you are able to speak about a student's experiences and abilities, the more readers of the application will be able to understand the student as a whole person.

The National and Global Scholarships Advising office offers support and tips for any faculty and staff member who seeks to write an effective letter of recommendation. Reach out to LeAnn Adam for support or read our advice on writing recommendations:

Write effective recommendations

Quarterly Newsletters

Find out about upcoming news and announcements from National and Global Scholarships Advising by signing up for our quarterly newsletter. Newsletters contain details about upcoming scholarships, when and how to apply, and spotlights on our scholars who took the jump and hit submit.

The most powerful tool for getting students involved in nationally competitive scholarships is support from faculty and staff. The more you're informed about the process, the more you can speak to students about how and why nationally competitive scholarships might be a good fit for them. If you'd like to get on the list to receive updates from National and Global Scholarships Advising, please contact Becca Otto.

Check out our past news stories and newsletter archive here:

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