Approximately 35 Marshall Scholarships are awarded each year for outstanding students to pursue graduate study in the UK for one to three years of study. These awards look for intellectually distinguished individuals who will one day become leaders in their country. Applicants must demonstrate exceptional academic ability, mature character, potential to become a change agent, and the capacity to play an active part in the life of a UK university. 

Criteria for the Marshall Scholarship to include in recommendation letters: 

  • Academic Merit - demonstrated strength in the major field; adequate preparation for the proposed course of study, quality of proposed program of study, knowledge of proposed courses and supervisors. 
  • Leadership Potential - distinction of intellect and character as evidence by both scholastic attainments and other activities and achievements; strength of purpose and sustained commitment, creativity, self-awareness and desire to contribute to society.
  • Ambassadorial Potential - interpersonal skills and ability to engage with others, self-confidence and ability to seize opportunities, knowledge of US/UK relations, and ability to play an active part in the life of a UK university. 

Recommendation letters should speak to the unique qualities envisioned in the scholarship criteria. For more information, select here - Marshall: Information for Recommenders