• Boren Scholarship Award




Helene Matschek

Boren Scholarship 



Helene is an undergraduate student earning Honors degrees in Agricultural Sciences and French at Oregon State University. She will study Wolof language with the African Flagship Languages Initiative in Florida this summer and then participate in the CIEE Dakar, Senegal Language and Culture program in fall 2017. 

  • Fulbright US Student Program


Katharina-Victoria Perez-Hammerle

Fulbright Student Scholar 




Kat Perez-Hammerle, is a 2014 graduate with a combined B.A./B.S in Fisheries and Wildlife, International Studies and, Political Science. Kat will travel to Chile to analyze the endangered Andean deer (huemul) distribution by mapping out known location relative to various threats, habitat suitability, and corridors to provide a better understanding of the deer’s ecology and a foundation for a focused strategy to improve protection. Kat will produce maps that can drive scientific exploration of the huemul while serving as a baseline to monitor the species. 

Chris Foertsch

Fulbright Student Scholar 

Chris Foertsch, Master’s student in Applied Anthropology, will conduct ethnographic research on the experience of students from Eastern Indonesia who attend universities on the main Indonesian island of Java. Collecting data through interviews and observations in the city of Malang, Java and on other islands, Chris will explore key questions about challenges these students face as minorities among the dominant culture and how this influences their national identity.

  • Goldwater Scholarship



True Gibson 

2017 Goldwater Scholar 

True Gibson, class of 2018, is majoring in Honors Biochemistry and Biophysics and is currently working with Dr. Ryan Mehl's lab  incorporating synthetic amino acids into functional proteins and using them to regulate and engineer protein function in living systems. True's career interest is in neuroscience and he plans to earn a Ph.D. and work to uncover a better understanding of the neurological processes that give to higher cognition in humans through basic research.



Gregory Mirek Brandt

2017 Goldwater Scholar


Mirek Brandt is a 3rd year undergraduate studying light-matter interactions with Dr. Graham in the Department of Physics. This May, he will be defending his thesis on the topic of crystal structure in organic based solar cells. He is passionate about the physics of space and time, and plans to study gravitation and cosmology in graduate school. He will be graduating in 2018 with a B.Sc in Math and Physics



Delaney Smith 

2017 Goldwater Honorable Mention

Delaney Smith, class of 2019 is majoring in Honors Biochemistry and Biophysics and Education with a minor in Chemistry.  She is currently involved in research in two different projects: with Dr. Angela Ozburn to investigate an effective treatment for problem drinking and investigate the molecular basis of addiction; and with Dr. Jeff Chang to characterize the ecological role of a toxic protein delivery system used by pathogenic bacteria. Delaney’s ultimate goal as a researcher is to work in the field of molecular medicine. She intends to earn an M.D./Ph.D., teach a computational genetics and practice as an emergency room physician at a medical school teaching hospital.

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