Nationally competitive scholarships such as the Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall, and Goldwater are awards based on academic qualification, research, leadership, service, and personal characteristics. These selective scholarship programs are available for undergraduate and postgraduate study and research from a broad variety of academic programs. Oregon State supports and encourages students to apply!

National and Global Scholarships Advising supports undergraduate and graduate students and alumni who wish to explore these possibilities. This website includes tips and links for students and faculty advisors interested in preparing scholarship applications, a list of the scholarship programs that require applicants to be nominated by the university, links to application materials, and deadlines. You will also find a list of scholarships students may apply to directly, without a nomination from the university, and links to additional information.  

Most importantly, we want OSU students and alumni to know that they are not alone in embarking on a competitive scholarship application journey! We are available at every step in the process to provide insights, support, feedback, and encouragement.  Please see our staff page for more about us! 

Students who are interested in nationally competitive scholarships are encouraged to begin the process early in your academic career. Take advantage of the many opportunities that OSU offers, build relationships with the university’s faculty members, and challenge yourself to broaden your experience beyond the classroom. Successful candidates for these prestigious awards must think deliberately about their preparation, and we encourage students to begin the process early by meeting with us to share your interests and learn more. Applying for these awards can be a gateway to new experiences, new opportunities, and new successes.