Fulbright US Student Program

Please contact: [email protected] to be added to a Canvas site that will walk you through the application process and provide tips and resources. 

Award Details 

The US Student Program offers fellowships for US graduating college seniors, graduate students, early career professionals to study, conduct research, and/or teach English abroad for six months to a year. In addition, Critical Language Enhancement Awards are given to grantees for study of critical need foreign languages before or during their grant period.

Application Timeline

2025-2026 Fulbright competition opens: April 2, 2024 
OSU campus deadline: August 12, 2024
OSU campus Interviews: September tbd, 2024
Fulbright National Deadline: October 8, 2024


Promotional Videos: 

What is a Fulbright? 

I am Fulbright

Why Should You Apply for a Fulbright? 

Fulbright Impact

Recorded Webinars:  

OSU Fulbright U.S. Student Program Information Session 5/2/23: Recorded Video.

OSU Fulbright U.S. Student Program Information Session 5/4/21 recorded video 

OSU hosted Lee Rivers from Fulbright for a “virtual” Fulbright information session in April 2020. Click here to view the recording.  

Other Resources: 

Informational Slideshow

OSU Contact 

LeAnn Adam
Director, OSU National and Global Scholarships Advising 
Campus Fulbright Program Advisor
[email protected]


  • Do you have to be fluent in another language to teach English abroad through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program? 

The specific language requirements will depend on the country. For some countries no language experience is necessary, and for others 2 years of undergraduate study is required. In no country is full fluency required.

  • Does the program provide housing or do students have to find their own?

Scholars usually must find housing on their own for the Fulbright U.S. Student Program. A stipend is provided that covers housing expenses. 




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  • Oregon State University Fulbright Recipients





Field of Study

2024 Emma Baughman Sweden Chemistry
2024 Mohnish Judge India Linguistics
2024 Aubreyanna Olsen Colombia English Teaching Assistantship
2024 Camden Schmidt Poland English Teaching Assistantship
2023 Bridget Price Netherlands Engineering
2023 Shaurya Gaur Netherlands Computer Science
2023 Andrew Harker Spain English Teaching Assistantship
2023 Daniel Howell  Germany Biology
2023 Brandt Bridges Mexico English Teaching Assistantship
2023 Marichelle Gurski Germany English Teaching Assistantship
2023 Scout Osborne Honduras Medical Sciences
2023 Jeremy Chu Taiwan English Teaching Flagship
2022 Stan Cates Norway Biology
2022 Jeremy Chu Taiwan English Teaching Assistantship
2022 Jackie Delie Uganda Wildlife Management
2022 Julia Kim South Korea Interdisciplinary Studies
2022 Christina Linkem Costa Rica Environmental Sciences
2022 Saki Nakai Luxembourg Psychology
2022 Jane Vinesky Mexico Biology
2021 Sage Fox Chile Fisheries Science
2021 Ellen McPherson Germany English Teaching Assistantship
2021 Maja Engler Germany Neuroscience 
2021 Emily Newton New Zealand Biology
2020 Ryan Baumbusch Spain Zoology
2020 Isabella Karabinas Spain Neoroscience
2020 Marika Stock Denmark Geology
2019 Omar Sheikh Canada Engineering
2019 Maggie Exton Indonesia Engineering
2019 Delaney Smith Belgium Biology
2019 Andrea Burton Romania English Teaching Assistantship
2019 Dang Duong Kazakhstan English Teaching Assistantship
2018 Hunter Briggs UK, Leicester Criminology/Law
2018 Dang Duong Kazakhstan English Teaching Assistantship
2018 Niki Hobbs Germany English Teaching Assistantship
2018 Ellen Lamont India Geology
2018 Kai Parker Chile Engineering
2018 Traben Pleasant Panama Anthropology
2018 Grace D'Angelo Germany Biology
2017 Lynda Bradley South Africa Biology
2017 Caitlyn Clark Denmark Engineering
2017 Arianna Kahler-Quesada (Seydel Award) Switzerland Medical Sciences
2017 Ian Morelan Norway Biology
2017 Sarah Brown Hungary Sociology
2017 Sara Bennett Czech Republic English Teaching Assistantship
2016 Katharina-Victoria Perez-Hammerle Chile Wildlife Science
2016 Chris Foertsch Indonesia Anthropology
2015 Stephanie Rich Germany Engineering
2015 Erin Fedewa Trinidad Fisheries Science
2015 Dennis Sweeney Malta English Teaching Assistantship
2014 Rose Hickman Mexico Economic Development
2014 Annika O'Dea Senegal Geology
2012 Arianna Shroyer UK International Relations
2010 Hathai Sangsupan Thailand Forest Ecology
2010 Arthur Bass Norway Fisheries Science


2009 Brooke Peterschmidt Norway Horticulture
2008 Seth White Czech Republic Fisheries Science
2008 Alison Newman Sri Lanka Public Health
2008 Christina Murphy Chile Fisheries & Wildlife
2008 Robert Lamb Ecuador Marine Biology
2008 Matt Hawkyard Norway Fisheries Science
2008 Sarah Gallup France English Teaching Assistantship
2007 Danya Rumore New Zealand Environmental Science
2006 Shannon Wanless Taiwan Human Development & Family Science
2006 Alison Hyde Germany Environmental Science
2004 Barbara Han Venezuela Zoology
2003 Elise Granek Panama Zoology/Marine Ecology
2002 Glenn Almany Australia Zoology/Marine Ecology
2001 Rochelle Rainey Nepal Public Health


1997 Gary Vaughn Thailand Biology
1995 Kerry Griffin Nambia Agriculture
1993 Jeffery Capizzi Thailand Public Health
1991 Robert Kuhlken Fiji Geography


1989 Randall Keller Poland Geology
1988 Jeffery Connor West Germany Economics
1986 Russell Van Dissen New Zealand Geology
1984 Susan Lewis Finland Scandinavian Languages and Literature
1983 Pamela Dupee Australia Biology
1982 Pamela Dupee Australia Biology


1973 Edwin Brush Phillippines N/A
1972 Tracy Colby Poland Design


1968 Walter Massie Netherlands Engineering
1967 John Markham Denmark Biology
1965 Sheila Roffler New Zealand Chemistry
1959 Ronald Guenther West Germany Mathematics
1959 Sheryl Youde Philippines Sociology
1953 Joan Rutter Denmark Sociology
1951 Bonita Miller United Kingdom Environmental Studies
1950 Walter Vincent Belgium Biology
1950 Frank Von Borstel New Zealand Agriculture