Gilman Scholarship Program

Award Details 

The Gilman Scholarship Program broadens the student population that studies and interns abroad by supporting undergraduates who might not otherwise participate due to financial constraints.  The program also aims to encourage students to study and intern in a diverse array of countries and world regions.

Award amounts will vary up to $5,000 depending on the length of study and student need with the average award being approximately $4,000 for fall and spring terms, and $3,000 for summer programs. Applicants who are studying a critical need language while abroad in a country in which the language is predominately spoken will automatically be considered for the Critical Need Language Award, for a total maximum award of $8,000. 


An applicant must be:

  • A citizen of the United States
  • An undergraduate student in good standing
  • Receiving a Federal Pell Grant
  • In the process of applying for, or accepted to, a study abroad or internship program of at least three weeks (21 days) in a single country eligible for academic credit
  • Applying for a program in a country with an overall Travel Advisory Level 1 or 2, according to the U.S. Department of State’s Travel Advisory System. Certain areas within these countries may be designated within the Travel Advisory as either “Do not travel to” (Level 4) or “Reconsider travel to” (Level 3) locations, as such; students will not be allowed to travel to these areas.

Application Process

  •  Apply online
  • The Gilman scholarship program encourages students to seek feedback on their applications before the deadline and LeAnn Adam is available to read and provide suggestions on your essays.  Contact LeAnn for assistance with your application or attend drop-in hours listed below.   
  • The Gilman Scholarship application requires university certification from a study abroad and a financial aid advisor. Please select LeAnn Adam as your "Study Abroad Advisor" in the online application and she will certify your application following the deadline.  Similarly, please select either financial aid officer listed in the dropdown menu in the online application and they will be notified to verify your Pell grant. 
  • See Gilman website for deadlines. 

Drop-in Advising

Students are encouraged to start early on their Gilman applications and make an appointment whenever schedules allow.  For last-minute questions and essay review before a deadline, the following times have been reserved for drop-in advising in LINC 444:

Friday, September 28, 2018 from 2-5 pm

Monday, October 1, 2018 from 10-12 am and 2-5 pm 

OSU Contact

LeAnn Adam
OSU Coordinator for Prestigious Scholarships




Gillian Bergmann, New Zealand
Sarah Adkins, New Zealand
Anastasiya Berst, Italy
Calvy Yue, Hong Kong
Declan Siewert, Germany
Samantha Trotter, Cameroon/France
Mary Graham, France
Gloria Ruiz-Orozco, France
Lynda Elaine, New Zealand
Juliana Donohoe, Spain
Lauren Swart, Uganda
Talithah Abbe, Uganda
Dominee Cagle, Malaysia (Borneo)
Tonya Allison, Costa Rica
Hazel Betz, New Zealand
Sol Dressa, South Africa
Jia Wu, India





Ruby Vise, Tanzania 
Marcella Guerra, China 
Rozalyn Goldberg, South Africa
Jacey Silk, Thailand 
Domo Choo, South Korea 
Lisa Huang, Hong Kong 
Beniamin Vacariu, Japan 
Morgan Craig, Chile
Ashley Boyes, Thailand
Marjorie Halstead, Uganda
Jasmine Meraz, Uganda
Jacqueline Paul, United Kingdom 
Mhara Coffman, Mexico 
Claudine Thomassians, Uganda
Cheri Breymann, Dominican Republic
Aleksandr Pyasetskiy, Ecuador 
Veronica Ehrlich, South Africa
Jacqueline Nguyen, New Zealand 







Coleman Swenson, Japan 
Heather Sheffield, Vietnam 
Zoey Corrigan, Chile 
Cathy Duong, India 
Adriana Sanchez, Spain 
Bianca Ramos-Navarro, Taiwan 
Victoria Kurtz, Spain
Logan Adams, Guatemala
Griffin Cerva, Japan
Dang Duong, India
Sheridan Jeffries, Namibia
Ashley Nelsen, Costa Rica
Dillon Rhoades, Hungary
Kathleen Roberts, Ecuador
Brianna Santana, Ecuador
Audrey Ali, Morocco
Marwah Al-Jilani, Morocco
Natalie Leon, Bolivia
Mara Rutherford, India 




Alan Bienvenida, Morocco
Sarah Canales, Argentina
Kjerstine Crowder, Thailand
Rebeccah Davis, Ecuador
Mitchell Evers, Chile
Miranda Gleason, France
Xavier Gonzalez, Spain
Justin Knott, South Africa
Luis Meza, Netherlands
Kole Nakamura, Japan
Tyler Richardson, Japan
Josephine Sechrist, Spain
Morgan Thompson, South Africa
Lauren Watwood, Senegal




Brandy Aguirre, South Africa
Charles Baugh, India
Nastassia Donoho, India
Blas Garfias, Argentina
Rebecca Gibbon, Argentina
Edward Joseph Hofschneider, Japan
Jacob Kollen, Chile
Hana Laughton, Spain
Thomas Luong, Japan
Ana Medero, Spain
Jesse Mcginty, Costa Rica
Karl Myers, South Korea
Rachelle Robinson, Dominican Republic
Rebekah Smith, Ecuador
Dacotah Spiichal, Ecuador
Annette Stevenson, Bonaire
Anthony Treas, Ecuador





Ilwaad Aman, China
Meghan Atkinson, Bonaire
Ana Bienvenida, Switzerland
Amanda Caldwell, Namibia
Melissa Carrillo, Argentina
Karla Garcia, Thailand
Jessica Hua, South Africa
Sarah Jacobi, Senegal
Julia Jones, Argentina
Celeste Moen, Bonaire
Amedee Ngarukiye, Morocco/Switzerland
Robert Plascencia, Germany
Ebrahim Siala, Egypt
Natasha Stewart, South Africa
Jacob Tepper, Bonaire
Jonathon Tran, India




Kristin Beem, Bonaire
Jeremy Carter, India
Haley Cox, Madagascar
Jennifer Lund, South Africa
Dylan McDowell, Tanzania
Terri Pugh, Italy
James Staub, Chile
Charlie Ta, United Kingdom